Outdoor terraces
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We offer two outdoor terraces for your small celebration or party with friends.

Outdoor terraces are ideal for Sunday holidays, when summer evenings are long and warm, and you can party outside. And if it's cool outside, we offer an open patio with a fireplace.

Outdoor terraces can accommodate up to 15-20 guests.

Outdoor patio by the lake and water jacuzzi. Ideal for a cozy family vacation. Either at your leisure, enjoy a water bath, or just sit on a deck chair and watch the lake, just relax ... :) There is a barbecue with firewood on the terrace.

Another open patio next to the forest, in a real corner of nature, smelling of a pine forest ... This patio with a fireplace, if it were sometimes cold in the frost :), is also a fun bath with water.

We can offer food and service during the holidays.

We invite you to take a tour of the virtual tour and get to know the terraces.


Enjoy your holiday or relax!


Outdoor terrace near the lake 

Outdoor terrace with fireplace 100eur/day


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