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Dubingiai Castle

Dubingiai castle’s site is one of the largest in Lithuania and it’s only 1,5 km from us. The area is about 500 m long and up to 200 m wide, and rises high above the lake. It was once the island of Lake Asveja which is a peninsula now. A few centuries ago, kings, grand dukes, and nobles came here. On the way to the Dubingiai castle you can visit three churches where the remains of the most influential individuals of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania are buried: Mikalojus Radvilas Rudojas, Mikalojus Radvilas Juodojas and several others.

Jurkiškis stream valley

Jurkiškis stream otherwise known as Melnyčėlė stream. It is one of the most interesting and impressive natural sites in Asveja Regional Park. The length of the stream is 1.2 km, but during this short distance it falls about 12 meters. It resembles a mountain stream: fast and winding. The height of its slopes is up to 18 meters. Its bottom is covered with boulders. The stream bed contains a state-protected natural heritage object – the Jurkiškis stone, which also known as “Puntukas vaiko”. The stone’s circumference is 5 meters. There is a 1.5 km educational trail in the Jurkiškis stream valley, travelling which you can fully enjoy the beauty of the valley’s canyon.


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