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Abejučiai mound and oak

Abejučiai mound is located on the northern shore of Lake Asveja Bay. Its slopes are of medium steepness, approximately 10-12 metres high. The mound dates back to the beginning of the 2nd millennium (1000s).
One of the oldest trees that grow in the area is the Abjučiai oak. This 250-year-old, 27-meter-high oak grows near the Abejučiai mound between Asveja and Gilautis (Ilgis) lakes. The trunk’s diameter at the height of 1.3 m – 3.83 m is 1.25 m, crown width – 18 m, crown height – 22 m.

Ludgard Slope View

Ludgard slope is one of the most interesting, impressive and the most visited places in the park. It is situated opposite Vanikai Island on the northern shore of Lake Asveja between the mouth of the Baluoša stream and the village of Giraičiai. It’s overgrown with mature pine forest and a magnificent view of Lake Asveja opens up from there. 
The slope’s length – ~ 570 m, distance from the top of the slope to the lake – ~ 60 m, height – ~ 20-15 m. There are stairs on the slope that lead down to Lake Asveja, and there is a picturesque trail along the ridge of the slope.


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