Canoe rental

Canoeing is a great way to spend your free time actively

Canoe rental

Canoeing is a great way to spend your free time actively.

According to your needs, we can offer: one- or two-day routes, transportation to and from the place of departure, route instructions, kayaking.

Canoeing on the Žeimena River is one of our most popular recommended routes. The river flows through sandy and rocky pine forests and is one of the cleanest in Lithuania. Great choice for those who like leisure canoeing or for first time canoers. The route is about 15-18 km long. Difficulty level– easy, no obstacles.

Canoeing in Asveja lake, Žeimena and Dubinga rivers. Great choice for adventure seekers! When canoeing through the lake and the streams of the Asveja Regional Park, you will have to find your route, glide through reed labyrinths and overcome some trail challenges. After that you will have to cross the dam and then you will finish on the Žeimena river. This is a two-day route. First day: 15-18 km or 4 – 5 hours. Second day: 15 km or 5 hours. One-day canoeing is available on the route as well. Difficulty level – medium / hard.


Canoe rent on working days

€ 25

Sport canoe

€ 15

Hermetical bag

€ 1

Canoe rent on weekends

€ 25


€ 30

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