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Interior and amenities

While designing the estate we paid great attention to the interior details. We are sure that you will greatly enjoy the elegant rooms finished with natural materials and decorated in warm colours. Each room is equipped with a separate toilet and shower, LCD TV, Wi-Fi, and mini library.


If you are visiting us from overseas, don’t have a car or not sure how to get to us, we can pick you, your family, and friends up at the agreed place.

24h - per day

Our team is ready to help you solve any problems 24/7.

Asveja homestead –
the homestead by a lake

Asveja homestead is just 45km away from Vilnius, surrounded by mature pines and is located by the longest lake in Lithuania in the territory of Asvejos Regional Park. Early morning you can be pleasantly surprised seeing through your window the amazing beauty flock of deer, flying eagle in the sky and other animals. Lake Asveja is rich of different fish itself.


Meet a Asveja Homestead

This short video tour will show you what our estate looks like. 

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Lithuanian countryside tourism association award

Our work was noticed not only by the clients, but also by the countryside tourism association, the result of their inspection was the award of the highest score of 5 storks.